Moe Eskandarpour

President & Chief Executive Officer
As a founding member of Canguard Mortgage Investment, Moe drives the company’s ongoing growth and expansion efforts. With over 25 years of accounting experience in public practice, Moe brings a wealth of practical and technical experience to Canguard. In recent years, Moe devoted himself to helping entrepreneurs successfully launch businesses around BC. As a developer of real-estate projects on the west coast, Moe has accumulated a broad range of experience in real estate and real estate financing. Moe’s passion is to see his clients succeed both financially and personally.

Jessie Dusangh, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
As the Chief Financial Officer, Jessie oversees asset management and expenditures while balancing investor returns with sound mortgage lending. With his own accounting firm, Jessie has been practicing in British Columbia since 1994 as a chartered professional accountant and financial planner. As a founding member of Canguard and venture capitalist, Jessie’s portfolio extends to approximately a dozen corporations along with numerous real estate holdings. Jessie encourages accuracy and transparency throughout Canguard. Jessie’s passion is giving back to his community and he currently serves as a volunteer on the UBC Board of Governors in the role of chair of the Audit Committee.

Henry Yong

Vice President
As Vice President, Henry is crucial to Canguard’s domestic and international business development strategy. With cumulative real estate asset transactions of over $1B in the past 29 years, Henry has a passion for residential and commercial acquisitions. In addition to being a founder at Canguard, Henry has a vast corporate portfolio including property development. Henry’s extensive experience helps ensure Canguard Mortgage Investment has a high-quality and diversified investment portfolio.


Meetra Eskandarpour

Managing Director

Pamela Simon

Mortgage Administrator

Christine Yeung


Laura Lang

Client Relations

Mani Ebrahimi

Managing Broker