How to make passive income in Canada?


Passive income is the dream for many in business. It’s money earned with little ongoing effort. But know that generating passive revenue often requires an initial investment of time, effort, or money. Canada has diverse ways to create passive income, like dividend stocks, high-interest savings accounts, blogging, and selling digital products online.

The key is choosing passive income sources that match your skills, interests, and financial aims. This article will guide you to understanding and making passive income in Canada. It will cover options based on investing, skills, and business ownership. My goal is to help you find the right passive income stream so you can earn while you sleep.


Why Passive Income is Crucial in Canada

Living in Canada is a dream for many, but it pays to be financially ready to enjoy all the country offers. These are some reasons for having passive income in Canada:


High Cost of Living

Hot spots like Toronto and Vancouver rank among the priciest cities globally. Housing, groceries, transit – the cost of living is steep. For many, a salary alone doesn’t cut it. Passive revenue streams can provide a financial cushion to cover expensive basics without constant money stress.


Economic Uncertainty

The pandemic proved economic stability can disappear rapidly. Widespread job losses and shuttered businesses taught us the danger of a single income source. Multiple streams of income, especially passive ones, can serve as a safety net in uncertain times.


Financial Freedom

Who doesn’t want the freedom and flexibility to pursue passions, travel the world, or even retire early? Passive income can provide that luxury of time, letting you focus on what matters most. With passive revenue, you don’t need to spend every waking moment working. It can deliver the independence to live life on your terms. However, realizing such financial freedom requires effort up front to build passive income streams.


Types of Passive Income

When it comes to earning passive revenue in Canada, there are diverse options. These fall into three main categories: investment-based, skill-based, and business-based.



Investment-driven passive income involves putting money into vehicles that yield returns over time. In Canada, choices range from dividend stocks and real estate investment trusts (REITs) to index funds, bonds, and cryptocurrency. Index funds offer easy diversification for hands-off investors. Bonds tend to be lower risk but with smaller returns, suiting risk-averse investors. Crypto is high-risk but can generate substantial returns quickly.



Leveraging your unique skills and knowledge to create valuable content or products that continue paying you over time is skill-based passive income. This could mean writing an eBook, developing an online course, or doing affiliate marketing in an area you’re skilled in. For instance, photographers can sell images on stock sites. You could create and sell online courses if you have expertise in a subject.



Entrepreneurs can opt for business-driven passive income by starting a company that runs itself or requires minimal maintenance. For example, build an e-commerce store that dropships products, eliminating inventory needs. Or create a software, app, or subscription service where users pay recurring fees. Peer-to-peer lending platforms also enable you to earn passively by lending money online.


Note: The key is choosing a passive income stream that matches your skills, interests, and goals. With diverse options in Canada, you can find a strategy that works for you.


Investment-Based Passive Income

Investment-driven passive revenue is a popular choice for those not keen to actively manage a business or monetize skills. Here are some options to consider:


Dividend Stocks

Dividend-paying stocks are a classic passive income generator. Companies like Royal Bank and Telus are known for consistent payouts, usually quarterly. These dividends can be reinvested to compound returns. The key is choosing stocks with a history of payments and growth potential and diversifying to mitigate risk.


Real Estate Investment Trusts

REITs let you invest in real estate without the hassles of owning property. These trusts own assets like malls, office buildings, or apartments, collecting rent and distributing it to investors. REITs are especially appealing in Canada, given the stable housing market. They provide steady income while diversifying your portfolio.



Bonds offer predictable income from interest payments. Government bonds are safest, although corporate bonds pay higher rates with more risk. Municipal bonds finance public projects, so they’re low risk but with smaller returns than corporate bonds. Interest is usually paid semiannually. Bonds provide a consistent income stream without active management.


Skill-Based Passive Income

Leveraging your talents to earn passive revenue doesn’t require a major financial investment, just time and effort. Popular skill-based options include:



Launching a blog around a topic you love can be rewarding personally and financially. In Canada, blogging has become a viable income source through ads, affiliate links, sponsored content, and more. With quality, consistent content, you can build an audience. Eventually, ad revenue and commissions can earn substantial passive income. Platforms like WordPress make starting a blog simple.


YouTube Channel

YouTube has proven to be a lucrative platform for many Canadians. Creating videos in a niche you have expertise in can attract a large following over time. Monetizing through ads, sponsorships, and merchandising can turn your channel into a steady income stream. The key is consistently producing quality, engaging content. Your videos continue generating income even years after being published.


Stock Media

If you have photography or videography skills, platforms like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock allow you to earn royalties passively. You get paid each time someone purchases your work by uploading your photos, video clips, illustrations, or audio files. Higher quality work earns higher payouts. A single created work can sell repeatedly for years, providing ongoing passive income.


Information Products

Turn your knowledge into passive income by creating informational products like ebooks, online courses, podcasts, and more. Choose topics people want to learn about, create products, and sell them on your own website or platforms like Udemy. The work is upfront, but profits continue rolling in for years.


Business-Based Passive Income

Leveraging a business model to earn steady passive revenue appeals to entrepreneurial types. Popular business-driven options include:


Online Businesses

Online platforms like e-commerce stores and affiliate sites have gained popularity in Canada. With the right strategy, they can generate significant passive earnings. For example, build an online shop through Shopify and sell your own products or source inventory from suppliers. Affiliate sites earn commissions promoting other companies’ products through your referral links.


Vending Machines

While seemingly old-fashioned, vending machines in prime locations like offices, schools, and gyms can be lucrative. The initial investment covers the cost of machines and stocking inventory. But with minimal maintenance needed after setup, they provide hands-off income long-term.



If you’ve created a unique product, software, or content, licensing it can provide royalties. For instance, software developers can license applications to companies for a fee. Musicians license songs to be used in media. Every time your creation is used or sold, you earn income without effort.


Rental Properties

Owning real estate you can rent out delivers relatively passive income, though it comes with some management. Options include apartments, single-family homes, vacation properties, and commercial real estate. A property manager handles maintenance and tenants. After covering expenses, rental income provides steady passive earnings.


Passive income is more than a financial fad; it’s a strategic tool for achieving financial freedom. In Canada’s unique economic climate, multiple income streams are a necessity, not just an advantage. You’re not just making money by tapping into diverse options, from investment vehicles to monetizing skills and businesses. You’re securing your future with freedom, stability, and peace of mind. Passive revenue provides the means to live life on your own terms. With the right approach, Canadians can build customized passive income streams tailored to their goals and talents. Financial independence is within reach through passive income’s diverse pathways.

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