Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is any property used for business purposes. It can include office buildings, retail space, industrial warehouses, and more. Learn how to get started investing in commercial real estate and the benefits it can bring.

A building used for business and in which business activities are carried out. legally and more completely, it should be said that the property that is built for trade and commerce or is subject to commercial law is called commercial property. to understand the meaning of commercial real estate and its application and its types, you can use the Canguard Mortgage Investment Company Website and read related and similar articles.

What is a residential property?

a type of property and building that is used for residence and does not have commercial use.

What is commercial property?

commercial property is a property that is built for business and trade and income. These buildings are used for business and to increase income, and no one lives there, and it is only used for business purposes.

Which type of property is worth more?
Both types of commercial and residential properties have their value and are a good way to invest. but if you have 100 meters of commercial property and 100 meters of residential property in a certain area, the value of the commercial real estate is higher.

Commercial real estate user

One of the most important things to pay attention to when buying a commercial property is its commercial use; because the commercial property must have a commercial use permit from the municipality.

The location, commercial real estate, and facilities of the property are also effective in buying or renting it. it must be in a suitable place in the city to increase its use and profitability and have the necessary facilities.

Permission to make changes must be obtained from the owner. they may have to make changes in the commercial real estate in renting the commercial property, so it is better to have an agreement with the owner in advance. Therefore, if they make these changes without the permission of the owner; the owner can pursue any legal direction and file a complaint.

Features of commercial real estate:

commercial property must have an entrance and exit door facing the street where commercial activities are carried out. Having a commercial document is another important thing that must be received from the municipality. and the permission to install the sign must be given by the municipality.

Termination of commercial property:

Like all real estate contracts, whether in the case of rent or purchase, in the commercial property contract, there is a possibility that the owner and the tenant can give the parties the right to terminate the contract within a certain and known period.

Types of properties

properties have divisions and the use of property varies according to its type.


a place where no building has been built. and it can be used differently based on where it is located


the total number of units located in a building that shares the staircase, main entrance, parking lot, and yard. apartments are often used for office, commercial, or residential purposes.

Old property:

a property that is worn out and cannot be used and must be destroyed and built from scratch.


properties that are the residence of one or two families and have a yard.

Real estate:

These are called properties that are used for the use of a family or a company or production or workshop. In real estate work, it is mainly sold or rented at once.

Administrative properties:

a unit that is in the form of an apartment and has received the necessary administrative permission from the municipality of the region to be used as an administrative property is called an administrative property.

Commercial real estate:

properties that have commercial use and have received the necessary permission from the municipality.


have the same characteristics as commercial properties, with the difference that a shop must have independent access to the outside and be completely visible inside, but commercial real estate is located on floors and can have a common entrance.


the place where there is a building and the rest of the property has many trees is called a garden. gardens are mainly located outside the city or in old neighborhoods.

Commercial Real Estate FAQ

What is Commercial Real Estate?

A property that has commercial use and the possibility of earning money in it.

What points should be considered before buying commercial real estate?

you should pay attention to all available documents and necessary inquiries.

What is the value of its commercial real estate?

It depends on various factors and you should be careful before buying or renting.

There are different types of real estate and each has its use. before buying or renting any national type, research it and its use to have a profitable deal. the canguard website can help you by providing you with the necessary information about the types of properties and their use, how to buy and rent, and the required documents. be sure to read the articles on this site to buy or rent with full knowledge.

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