Canguard Mortgage Investment Company FAQs

Canguard Mortgage Investment Company requires a minimum initial investment of $10,000 Canadian, however further contributions can be made in smaller denominations. For more information please contact

Dividends are calculated at the end of each quarter and distributed within 30 days of quarter end. The Canadian Income Tax Act requires that 100% of a MIC’s net income, as verified by an external audit, be distributed to shareholders. As Canguard values shares at $1 per share, therefore, dividends vary depending on net income for the quarter.

With every investment there is a risk. However, to reduce investor risk, Canguard pools investor funds and lends on secured mortgages with a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) of 75%. By pooling funds, risk is mitigated using a dilution approach. Similar to most MICs, we borrow funds from streamline banks and employ shareholder loan capital to fund a surplus of mortgages, further maximizing returns while minimizing the impact of any delinquencies.

Dividends are taxed as interest income. This is because the gain is derived from revenue earned on the mortgage portfolio.


MIC is an acronym for Mortgage Investment Corporation. Created under the Canadian Income Tax Act (Sec 130.1) in 1973, a MIC enables investors to invest in mortgages without the hassle of finding and investing individually. At Canguard we manage all operations, including sourcing suitable mortgages, analyzing applications, negotiating rates and terms, as well as funding and general administration.

Canguard MIC invests in residential, commercial and construction mortgages with a focus on major urban centers within British Columbia, Canada. Canguard MIC invests in 1st, 2nd, and inter-alia mortgages with a focus on short-term, bridge financing, and open term mortgages. For additional information or to apply for a mortgage, please contact

At Canguard we pool investment funds and lend those funds on secure mortgages. This allows us to balance our portfolio, maximize returns, and reduce risk to investors. Occasionally we offer syndicated mortgages. For more information please contact