Canguard Company Mortgage Lending Solutions

Canguard Company Mortgage Lending Solutions

Canguard is a Mortgage Lending Solutions Company

We are a private mortgage lender and offer Mortgage Lending Solutions as long-term, short-term and bridge loans. Our company was founded in 2011, just before the Great Recession. We have helped thousands of borrowers get the home loan they need.

we are mortgage Lending professionals

We are a private mortgage lender. Our business is founded on integrity and trust, and we offer flexible, short-term mortgage solutions for borrowers who do not qualify for a mortgage with traditional institutional lenders. We help people who need a little extra flexibility to get into the home they want by providing them with homeownership opportunities that go beyond conventional mortgage products.

Our business is founded on integrity and trust

Canguard Company is a private mortgage lender that offers flexible, short-term mortgage solutions for borrowers who do not qualify for a traditional institutional lender.

Canguard Company’s business is founded on integrity and trust. We understand that our customers want to know they are being treated fairly, so we make sure to treat everyone with respect and honesty. We will always provide you with accurate information and guidance so that you can make informed decisions about your home loan options.

We offer flexible payment plans so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay back the money you borrowed from us–allowances can be made if unexpected expenses arise after funds have been disbursed into your bank account. And unlike other lenders who require an expensive upfront fee before issuing loans (and then another one when it comes time to close), Canguard Company does not charge any fees until after closing takes place!

we offer flexible short-term mortgage solutions

Canguard Company provides private mortgage loans to borrowers who do not qualify for a conventional loan. Our team of mortgage professionals has the experience and expertise necessary to help you find a solution that fits your particular needs.

As a private lender offering flexible, short-term mortgage solutions for borrowers who do not qualify for a conventional loan with traditional institutional lenders, Canguard Company can help you regardless of your credit history or income level. We focus on integrity and trust as we work with clients throughout the country to provide fast approvals and low rates on their mortgages.

Our years of experience enable us to customize each loan

Our primary goal is to help clients achieve their real estate goals by offering flexible, short-term mortgage solutions for borrowers who do not qualify for a traditional institutional loan. Our business is founded on integrity and trust, which gives us the ability to offer these customized loans that are often unavailable elsewhere.

Our experience in this market gives us the ability to quickly evaluate your current financial situation, assess your overall financial position, and determine whether we can maximize your investment opportunities by providing you with the financing needed to pursue them.

We understand that many potential customers may not meet all of the conventional underwriting standards that other lenders require, due to limited credit history or a recent bankruptcy filing (or both). We work with individuals who have been turned down before; as long as they have steady income and/or assets that can be used as collateral we can provide financing today!

Property Type Construction

Canguard offers short-term loans for the following property types:

  • Land Assembly
  • Land Development
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural

Loan To Value Up to 75%

LTV is the ratio of the loan amount to the value of the property. A higher LTV means you are borrowing more than you own, which means your monthly payments will be higher. If you have an 80% LTV mortgage, for example, that means that your loan amount is 80% of the value of your home at purchase and this reduces over time. Therefore if a $200K house appreciates by 2% per year then at year 10 its value would be $230K (assuming no appreciation prior to that) and so at year 10 your equity in that property would be $30K (20% or 1/5th).

Regions Major metropolitan areas in BC

You can see a wide range of offer to choose your short-term mortgage solutions in the following regions:

  • Vancouver (including Richmond, Burnaby and North Vancouver)
  • Victoria
  • Kelowna
  • Kamloops, Nanaimo and other areas in BC

Term 3 – 15 months

The term of the loan is the length of time over which you will repay your loan. The maximum term is 15 months, while the minimum term is 3 months.

Mortgage Lending Solutions

Mortgage Terms Open mortgages

Open mortgages are loans that can be repaid at any time. They generally last between 1 and 5 years and allow you to repay the loan before it is due. This makes them ideal for people who want to move house or buy a new car but don’t want to be tied into an expensive fixed rate mortgage.

Benefits of an open mortgage

Open mortgages give you flexibility with your money, allowing you to decide how much money should go towards paying off your home loan each month. If you have surplus funds, then these can be put towards paying off other debts or even used as spending money on things such as holidays or home improvements. It’s also possible to withdraw up to 25% of the amount borrowed without penalty (though this will mean repaying some interest).

We base loans on the appraised value of your property

Canguard will consider all your options, including the value of your property. Our Company have a wide variety of loan types available, so you can choose one that suits your needs.

Your financial situation is also important to us. We’ll take into account how much money you earn each month, as well as any other debts or commitments you may have.

based on your location of the property we also look at the type and when approving loans for short-term mortgages on rental properties.

Canguard always offer very competitive rates

Canguard MIC always offer very competitive rates. The rate you are quoted will depend on the value of your property and can be as low as 1.99% per annum.

Most borrowers choose to repay their loan over a period of three years, however some borrowers prefer a longer term over five years or even up to 10 years if they wish to minimise their monthly payments.

Our goal is to present a loan with terms that you can easily live with

If you need help we are here to help you. Our goal is to present a loan with terms that you can easily live with. We will work with you to determine the best solution for your situation and help find one that is comfortable for you. Canguard MIC Experts will be there every step of the way through this process, ensuring that everything proceeds smoothly and on time.

Mortgage Lending Solutions Conclusion

send us an email or call to get more information and our experts help you based on your mortgage needs. if you need to get a loan online you can see this post. Contact us today to find out more about our services or get a quote for your mortgage lending solutions or commercial loan.

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