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Canada’s Fastest-Growing MIC Companies


Mortgage companies are lenders who are specializing in home loans. Some mortgage lenders offer creative, ready-to-use loan offers. There are no processing fees or credits for less than good credit. Though when we are considering companies, we should choose the best with the most profit.

Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies introduced in 2019, is an editorial ranking. It aims to celebrate the achievements of Canada’s most daring entrepreneurs by identifying and spotlighting the achievements of innovative Canadian companies. To qualify, companies had to go through a detailed application process and meet the requirements. A total of 430 companies made it into this year’s ranking.

Create healthy capital and more cash flow in your finances

With all the hype about record-low interest rates you hear in the news, on social media, and from friends, you’re probably asking yourself, “Is it worth buying a house or refinancing it?” or the existing housing”? We believe you should increase your cash flow and reduce your monthly debt.

As mortgage lenders, we don’t just help you buy a home. We also help you with planning for retirement, buying investment properties, and using your home and property as an asset to your overall financial plan.

Create healthy capital and more cash flow in your finances

Does your current mortgage insurance offer what you need?

Refreshing your mortgage or buying a big home? Many Canadians add mortgage protection insurance with no hesitation and without reading the fine print. Did you know that term life and health insurance can save you thousands of dollars, increase flexibility and offer better coverage?

More than just covering your mortgage balance with traditional mortgage protection, this fast-growing MIC company offers the insurance you need to make sure of before your investment.

Unlock your financial freedom

Create Passive Income and Maximize your investment

Investing in CANGUARD has a wealth of benefits. Our team of experts can help investors create passive income goals and maximize their investments in multifamily real estate. We provide hands-on guidance, customized advice, and expertise to ensure your investment is secure. Gain financial freedom when you invest in DLP CANGUARD mortgage investment corporation.

The way home begins with the right financing

As a Mortgage lender, we are flexible enough to create bespoke lending solutions for individual clients, to streamline the whole procedure.

  • Adjustable-rate mortgages
    If you don’t plan to stay at home for a long time, or if you need financial flexibility, loan experts may recommend an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM).
  • Jumbo mortgage
    If you need a larger loan amount, we specialize in jumbo and super jumbo mortgages and can create bespoke solutions to maximize your liquidity and investment goals.
  • interest only loan
    Is your income bonus or commission based? A low-interest rate loan allows you to keep your monthly repayments low while controlling the timing of your principal repayments.
  • low repayment mortgage
    A fixed-rate mortgage gives you the flexibility of requiring a lower down payment.
  • Fixed-rate mortgage
    If you plan to own your home for many years, a fixed-rate mortgage will keep your interest rate and monthly payments constant for the life of the loan.

About Canada’s fastest-growing Companies

Dawn Calleja, the editor of Report on Business magazine, said: “Canada’s Top Growing Companies recognizes the tremendous ambition and innovation of entrepreneurs in Canada”, and “The next generation of Canadian businesses can draw inspiration from this ranking.”

Phillip Crawley, the CEO and publisher of The Globe and Mail, uttered: “In an uncertain world, we should be optimistic about the success stories of the companies marked in this year’s Report on Business magazine’s list of Top Growing Companies.”

A complete list of 2022 winners and editorial coverage appeared in the October issue of Report on Business magazine. The list is currently published and online here.

Why you should invest in CANGUARD MIC funds

The Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is the fastest-growing option in the Canadian mortgage industry because of its competitive earnings, accessibility, and diversified portfolio. As an alternative private lending firm, CANGUARD specializes in providing attractive mortgage investment solutions such as MIC that meet the needs of today’s investors.

CANGUARD MIC is a series of funds that offer choice, transparency, and performance. These accessible portfolio solutions for mortgage investments aim for consistent returns that are typically uncorrelated with public markets and the volatility that can occur in markets.

CANGUARD MICs are managed carefully by a team of experienced mortgage and investment professionals with a proven track record of delivering consistent returns. They are an attractive investment option compared to fixed-income products due to their attractive return potential. We offer three different MIC funds, each targeting a specific LTV ratio and annual return. Our CANGUARD MIC Prime Mortgage Fund, CANGUARD MIC Balanced Mortgage Fund, and CANGUARD MIC High Yield Opportunity Fund have delivered consistent results within these parameters to date. Therefore, when you are considering the best and fastest-growing MIC companies, do not forget our name!

Canada’s Fastest-Growing MIC Companies FAQs

The Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is an investment and lending company specifically designed for the origination of mortgages (primarily mortgages) in Canada. Owning shares in a MIC company allows you to invest in a place that manages a diverse and secure pack of mortgages. MIC stock is a qualifying investment under the RDSP, RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, or RESP Income Tax Act (Canada). Mortgage mutual funds are generally state registered and licensed, and the administration of the mortgage fund is conducted under the direction of a state-licensed mortgage broker and real estate agent.

Canada’s fastest-growing Companies is an editorial ranking introduced in 2019. It aims to celebrate the achievements of Canada’s most daring entrepreneurs by identifying and highlighting the achievements of innovative Canadian companies. To qualify, companies had to go through a detailed application process and meet requirements. A total of 430 companies were ranked in this year’s ranking.

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